Joshua Miller

Experienced Technology Professional

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Josh posses the unique ability to straddle the line between designer, programmer, teacher, and writer. He is easily one of the most talented individuals that I've ever had the pleasure to work with. His work ranges from websites that are both beautiful to look at and well written in the background, to node.js moving data, to flowcharts that explain complicated processes to those less technical.

I've worked with Josh at multiple companies for over twelve years, and I can confidently say that if you have the chance to hire him, do it.

Chad Larter - Director, Technical Operations at NASCAR Digital Media

Josh is one of the premier web database developers in the country. I have worked with Josh in various capacities for over 10 years and have found his work to be creative, innovative and great quality. Any web development work that you may need, especially in high end web database applications, Joshua will always deliver a product that is excellent. In addition, he is a great person to work with. I highly recommend him.

Guthrie Chamberlain - Founder/President/CEO, Eagle Technologies Group, Inc.

Working with Josh Miller over the past 6 years has been a great experience. He possesses a broad range of software design and development knowledge that makes him a valuable asset to any development team. As part of his leadership role in the company, Josh is responsible for the entire development staff as well as the overall concept of the software product, which he originally designed and implemented during the early days of the company. He has been the major force behind the growth and development of the product since then, and uses his considerable skill and creativity to conceptualize enhancements that improve the look, feel, and operation of the application. Josh is also a great mentor and always makes time to assist others with questions and problems, both technical and non-technical. I would recommend Josh to any company looking for a smart, dedicated, creative leader in software design and development.

Amy Tabor - Founder and CEO at distroBaby

Josh has the ability to look at task both quantitatively and qualitatively, and then present the options in a clear manner. Josh's professionalism, passion and dedication to getting the job done has been a key component in meeting company goals.Josh has perfect balance of technical skills and people/ management skills. Even under the pressure of tight deadlines or the unexpected, Josh always remained a calm, level headed and confident leader that wasted no time in getting things corrected and done. He would be a great asset for any organization. I highly recommend him.

Chirag Bhatt - Former Bureau Chief, City of Houston, DHHS - EH Division
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